Tibet is one of the front lines of the global climate crisis: it’s warming three times faster than the rest of the earth.

Known as the Earth’s Third Pole, Tibet holds the largest store of fresh water outside the Arctics, providing water for one fifth of the global population. Like the Arctic, Tibet is experiencing profound climate change impacts. China’s hydro-damming and mineral extraction in Tibet, combined with climate change, threaten to destroy Tibet’s unique ecosystems.

In the climate crisis eight billion tonnes of ice in Tibet are being lost every year as Tibet IS IN MELTDOWN. Only drastic action will stop at least two-thirds of Himalayan glaciers being lost.


UN Human Rights Experts Question China’s ‘Deliberate Attempt”To Forget Tibetan Human Rights Defenders

UN human rights experts have raised urgent concern and pressed the Chinese government to provide information about nine Tibetan environmental human rights defenders serving prison sentences of up to 11 years.

The statement raises the cases of nine Tibetan human rights defenders who were imprisoned between 2010 and 2019 as a result of their peaceful work to protect Tibet’s fragile environment.

The UN human rights experts added that China had not been forthcoming with information about the detainees, in what appeared to be “a deliberate attempt to make the world forget about these human rights defenders as they spend year after year in isolation.”


Climate Crisis

The Tibetan Plateau is warming THREE TIMES as fast as anywhere else on earth. As Tibet warms the entire Himalayan region stands to lose its glacier ‘insurance’ in the long-term.

Forced Nomad Resettlement

China has removed nearly 3 million Tibetan nomads from Tibet’s grasslands to make way for more roads, railways, dams and mining. Threatening the survival of the rangelands on the roof of the world.

China Dam Projects

China is building huge dams and water diversion projects across Tibet at an unprecedented rate, threatening the water security of one fifth of the global population.

What is the Tibet Climate Crisis? #ClimateActivist finds out

Tibet: Under threat from extreme climate change impacts

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“The Tibetan Plateau needs to be protected,
not just for Tibetans but for the environmental
health and sustainability of the entire world,”

– H.H. Dalai Lama