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UN Human Rights Experts Question China’s ‘Deliberate Attempt” To Forget Tibetan Human Rights Defenders

Repression and Environmental Damage Renew Tibetan Calls for Occupied Tibet to Become a “No Extraction Zone” UN human rights experts have raised urgent concern and pressed the Chinese government to provide information about nine Tibetan environmental human rights defenders serving... Read More

Tibetan Nomads in Chamdo Forced From Their Land in Resettlement Scheme

Article by RFA Chinese authorities in Tibet’s Chamdo prefecture are ramping up the forced relocation of nomads from rural areas into newly built towns far from grazing areas, leaving Tibetan families unable to cope with the demands of daily life,... Read More

You Can’t Force People to Assimilate. So Why Is China at It Again?

Article by Adrian Zenz The Chinese government’s campaign of internment in the northwestern region of Xinjiang is extraordinary, by dint of its scale — but also, its contradictions. Up to 1.5 million people from predominantly Muslim Turkic minorities — Uighurs, Kazakhs and... Read More

The world has a third pole – and it’s melting quickly

Article by Gaia Vince View PostMany moons ago in Tibet, the Second Buddha transformed a fierce nyen (a malevolent mountain demon) into a neri (the holiest protective warrior god) called Khawa Karpo, who took up residence in the sacred mountain bearing his name. Khawa... Read More

The Spiritual Ecology of Tibetan Nomads: A Photo Essay

Author Raymond Lam describes photojournalist Diane Barker’s exploration of the lives of Tibet’s nomadic drokpa, “people of the solitudes,” living on the remote Tibet-Qinghai Plateau. Barker’s photos capture the nomads’ intimate relationship with their high-altitude environment. Their way of life... Read More

Rinchen Ato’s best photograph: Tibetan twins and their albino rabbits

Interview by Dale Berning Sawa ‘These girls from Qinghai in China got albino rabbits for their birthdays. But albino rabbits don’t like harsh climates. They didn’t last the winter’ My father is a Tibetan lama. When he was still just a... Read More

Tibet’s fragile ecosystem is in danger

Article by Dr Lobsang Sangay China must change its flawed environmental policy As Australia continues to battle a water crisis and the challenges facing the world’s driest inhabited continent, Tibet on the other hand is Asia’s water tower, its principal... Read More